About Me

I am currently working at Zalando.

As part of my hobby research activities, I play with SAT solvers and SMT solvers. I maintain the SAT solver CryptoMiniSat and I help maintain the SMT solver STP.

My Workplaces, Professors, etc.

I have done some research at the National University of Singapore in 2018. I was a security consultant for 2 years in London working at Gotham Digital Science where I did threat modelling, risk assessment, pentesting and related work. I also worked at Cisco London on the security of the Telepresence Server and the videoconferencing subsystem in Spark. Prior to that, I worked for nearly 4.5 years at Security Research Labs where I worked on helping clients with their threat models, mostly related to telecommunications and embedded systems, and broke/wrote a tool to easily reverse a bunch of embedded ciphers.

I received my Masters diploma from BUTE, and I have done my PhD in the PLANETE team of INRIA Rhone-Alpes under the supervision of Claude Castelluccia, conducting research on RFID security and privacy and low-complexity cryptography. I have also done one year of Post-Doctoral study under the supervision of Jean-Charles Faugere.

I worked in Pantel (thanks to Jeroen Temme there) for about 1.5 years in total, where I wrote a MySQL-based telephone-call matching system.

General interests

I like art, books, films and sociology. My hobby is Living, mostly. This involves breathing, eating, sleeping and some other, miscellaneous things.


personal email: soos.mate@gmail.com
OTR fingerprint: 134F5CAB 260A6EA5 9DB97CDE 9B8D6536 28C0CC1B
twitter: @SoosMate
PGP: soos_mate.asc
PGP fingerprint: 36D2 7524 1688 03DE 623A 2524 C666 8900 5A0C 2B48

Bitcoin: 1K1P8vcQCtQKbriZnccHpph8mSENtEav2h — used to fund hardware, Club Mate, my travels to CCC meetups, and other necessities while developing CryptoMiniSat :)