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  • Open source software? Free software?

    Today I attended the Open World Forum conference here in Paris. Basically, it’s a business-oriented conference to do networking for folks in the free/open source industry. Some of the panelists were sometimes really boring, such as the “French Secretary of State responsible for the Digital Economy” who seemed to have deeply confused “free as in […]

  • Why do I use Linux?

    I used to be quite an expert on Windows, I even used to hang out on the #windows-help IRC channel. So why do I use Linux uniquely nowadays? First, I tried Linux out of curiosity. What made me interested initially is that I am a control freak: I like to know what happens with my […]

  • How to unload the sound module

    I regularly have a problem with my sound card: it simply stops working, and xine (and everything else) says that it cannot open the sound socket. So, I need to unload and reload the snd_hda_intel module. Most of the time, however, I cannot since it is in use. I try to close all possibly using […]

  • KDE4 composite with intel drivers

    I have been having a hard time getting the composite effects running smoothly on KDE4 with my intel Mobile 945GM graphics card. But I have finally managed to get it up and running! This is how: Get the latest intel driver from your repository (I have 2.3.2) Put into xorg.conf at the driver section: Section […]

  • Suspend on Dell D430

    I have been having problems suspending my Dell Latitude D420 for a long time, but finally, I have made it work! This is the simple howto: install guidance power manager install pm-utils install uswsusp Go to /usr/lib/pm-utils/ and edit the file “defaults”. Set ‘SLEEP_MODULE=”uswsusp”” Start the guidance power manager You are done. This solution is […]