KDE4 composite with intel drivers

I have been having a hard time getting the composite effects running smoothly on KDE4 with my intel Mobile 945GM graphics card. But I have finally managed to get it up and running! This is how:

  1. Get the latest intel driver from your repository (I have 2.3.2)
  2. Put into xorg.conf at the driver section:

  3. Put at the end of your xorg.conf:

  4. Under the system settings, enable desktop effects and set in the advanced settings to use XRender! (and take out the update thumbnails and the smooth scaling).
  5. Restart X: restart the computer or just do: logout then push “ctrl+alt+backspace”, log in to the console as root, and restart kdm by issuing: “/etc/init.d/kdm restart”.

I have by the way, a Dell D430, so an extremely lightweight, small computer that probably has the worst performance among its peers, and the effects are *fast* I must say that the “coverflow” effect (not enabled by default) isn’t that great, something is wrong with it, but still: scrolling is super-fast, switching windows is super-fast, so you won’t notice any slowdown at all!