Tag: Distributed SAT Solving

  • Thoughts on SAT@home

    If you have ever wondered how your multi-month SAT problem could be solved, the answer is here: SAT@home by some kind Russian researchers! This idea has been brewing in my head, we even started a mini-project with a  friendly American researcher, but we never got it into a working condition :(. It’s great that someone […]

  • Distributed SAT solving is fun

    I have lately been trying to keep my promise I made on the webpage of CryptoMiniSat: “The long-term goals of CryptoMiniSat are to be an efficient sequential, parallel and distributed solver”. The first step was to make a relatively efficient sequential solver. With the winning of the SAT Race’10, that was at least partially accomplished. […]

  • FPGA programming and SAT

    I have lately been trying to implement a cryptographic protocol (CryptoGPS) on an FPGA. First impressions are that VHDL is a difficult language, but once understood, it’s not all that difficult to work with it. It took me ~2 weeks to get a hold on the language, but now it feels relatively easy to program […]

  • Parallelisation

    I have lately been reading the book Using OpenMP and thinking about how CryptoMiniSat could be parallelised. Apparently, there are multiple ways to achieve it. I haven’t yet had time to read through all previous approaches, but it seems there are at least two main ways to distribute the solving: through guiding paths and using […]