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  • Bosphorus, an ANF and CNF simplifier and converter

    I am happy to finally release a piece of work that I have started many years ago at Security Research Labs (many thanks to Karsten Nohl there). Back in the days, it helped us to break multiple real-world ciphers. The released system is called Bosphorus and has been released with major, game-changing work by Davin […]

  • Presentation at Hackito Ergo Sum

    The HES’11 event was great: I had the pleasure of listening to some awesome presentations, and to meet some great people. The most interesting presentation from a non-technical point of view was the attacks at the automount feature of Linux, which everybody thinks is completely secure, but is in fact very flawed due to some […]

  • anf2cnf script released

    I have finally managed to fix the script that converts ANF problems to CNF format in the Sage math system. The original script was having some problems that I blogged about. The new script has corrected most of the shortcomings of the original script, as well as added some textual help for the user. For […]

  • anf2cnf hell in Sage

    There is an ANF (Algebraic Normal Form) to CNF (Conjunctive Normal Form) converter by Martin Albrecht in Sage. Essentially, it performs the ANF to CNF conversion that I have described previously in this blog entry. Me, as unsuspecting as anyone else, have been using this for a couple of days now. It seemed to do […]

  • Truth table to ANF conversion

    It is sometimes important to be able to quickly convert a binary function, described in as a truth table, to its Algebraic Normal Form (or simply, ANF). The truth table basically lists the points where a function is 1 and when it is 0. For instance, if the function has two variables, and its truth […]