Tag: OpenCL

  • Multi-threading and startup speed

    When doing multi-threading, parsing the input and inserting it into the solver threads is actually one of the most tricky part. Of course one can simply do void add_clause_to_all_threads(Clause clause) { for(int i = 0; i < threads; i++) { solver[i].add_clause(clause); } } It works and my SAT solver entry to the competition used this […]

  • A nifty way of saving time with OpenCL

    In OpenCL, the platform for using the graphics card as a form of highly parallelised machine, reading and writing to the memory of the card is very expensive. For this reason, the OpenCL standard offers a set of highly flexible ways of writing and reading data to- and from the OpenCL device. Using these flexible […]

  • AMD’s OpenCL heaven and hell

    I have been using the AMD’s OpenCL platform for a while now, so I’ll try to write a little overview of what I think is good and bad about OpenCL in general and AMD’s OpenCL implementation in particular. Update: AMD was working on the issues below, and temporarily fixed some of them. They are broken […]