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Well, well. I updated my xorg synaptics driver, and…. the damn thing stopped working. That is, the touchpad worked, but not through the synaptics driver, so it would be really badly configured. I like my touchpad to be correctly configured. As a matter of fact, I put this file into ~/.kde4/Autostart/ :

As you can see, this starts my fetchmail daemon, sets up the config of the touchpad through the synclient program, and also starts “syndaemon”, which disables the touchpad while typing – VERY helpful, mind you, since when programming, I always put my finger on the touchpad by accident, and suddenly everything gets messed up. Also, it sets up the hotkeys program, which will make my volume-up and volume-down keys working (I have a Dell D420, thanks INRIA ;) )

Anyway, I finally had a look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log and, well, synaptics didn’t find the touchpad. So, I had a look around the Internet, and apparently, others had the same issue with the new driver! So, finally, I had a look around, and I managed to cut-and-paste-and-edit the relevant section of xorg.conf to:

Which finally made the thing work again through synaptics! What you have to notice here is:

  • SHMConfig is NOT “true” but “on”. Important for new Xorg servers.
  • Device is NOT given, so that Xorg can automatically find it!
  • SendCoreEvents is set to “true”

Hooraaay! :D