CryptoMiniSat v2 finally released

CryptoMiniSat version 2.4.0 is finally here. I decided to use the INRIA Gforge system to coordinate bug-hunting, release management and the forums. However, the source code revision management is coordinated through Gitorious. There, you can find all revisions that have been made to CryptoMiniSat since its original SVN revision control was fixed to use trunk and branches. I believe at least a 1000 revisions are up, so you can see how the source evolved. The source now should be pretty stable, but I am looking forward to all bug reports and suggestons.

Gaussian elimination is currently disabled. It is present in the code, however, and can be enabled. The reason for disabling it is that I haven’t used it for quite some while. This means it needs testing to be stable, and some very minor tuning needs to be carried out to make work with the much updated internal state of CryptoMiniSat.

I hope this release is just a starting point for a number of upcoming releases that will be made in a much more transparent manner than they have been done until now. I am looking forward to feature requests, bug report and merge requests both in the Gforge and the Gitorious intefaces. Good SAT solving!