The dates of the SAT Race 2010 have been announced!

The dates of the SAT Race 2010 have been announced! The deadline is the end of April, so I have to get CryptoMiniSat bug-free by then.

I have decided to merge the code into STP, the Simple Theorem Prover made by some MIT researchers, among them Vijay Ganesh, with whom I have have worked quite a lot during the final months of 2009. Hopefully, with the help of the STP team, CryptoMiniSat will be bug-free by the end of this month, and through testing in STP, fine-tuning of options will be carried out. There are 16 new modules in the solver, and all have heuristic cut-offs, which have to be tuned. Naturally, I tried to use sensible defaults, but problems can vary widely, and different problems need different cut-offs. For instance, if the number of clauses is very low, even O(m^2) algorithms can be executed, while if the number of clauses is extremely large, e.g. 100’000, it might take too much time even to execute O(m*log(m)) algorithms.

If you are interested in the new CryptoMiniSat, all you need to do is to observe the developments in STP. I will also make the unstable executables accessible from this blog, through links, whenever I have a new version. Fingers crossed for a correct and fast CryptoMiniSat!