The Obvious Child

The new CryptoMiniSat 2.5.1, codenamed “The Obvious Child” has been released. It’s very close to the system that has been sent into the SAT Race’10. This version of CryptoMS is much better than any versions before: I finally corrected a lot of bugs that went into the 2.4.x series, and added new features to treat binary clauses.

The release name is the song title by Paul Simon. I am a fan of the 60’s for many reasons. It was the time when Laing wrote his first books, empathy was first scientifically demonstrated for animals, the days of I have a dream, the landing on the moon, and the take-off of Simon&Garfunkel.; Some interesting times, shall we say.

I probably will be working less on CryptoMiniSat from now on, instead concentrating on other things that I must do, such as publishing research papers on subjects that interest the scientific community. I will also be trying to play out in my mind how CryptoMiniSat will fare in the SAT Race. Of course I am hoping for the best, but I worked on the program for a mere 8 months, alone. Comparing this to some experts working on their solvers for multiple years in groups of 2-3, I really have no chance of winning. However, I am optimistic, as always: maybe I will get some good position in the rankings :)