Come to Hackito Ergo Sum’11

There is going to be a nice hacker conference in Paris real soon now: Hackito Ergo Sum, between the 7th and the 11th of April. There will be plenty of interesting talks, among them, I will also be presenting some fun crypto-breaking :) The schedule is here, I am scheduled for the first day, on Thursday at 11:30 AM. If you are in or near Paris, come around for the conference, I am sure it will be a really nice one :) If you are interested in meeting me, we can also meet in Paris, just drop me a mail, but better yet, come and chat with me at the conf, I will be there all day long.

The HES conference mainly focuses on attacks: against software, crypto, infrastructure, hardware, and the like. If you are interested what the current trend in attacking these systems is, and/or you are interested in making your organisation safer from these attacks, it’s a good idea to come and visit to get the hang of what’s happening. It’s also a great opportunity to meet all the organisations and people who are driving the change in making software and hardware systems more secure by demonstrating their weaknesses and presenting possibilities for securing them.

Meet you at HES’11 ;)