CCC Camp’11

In case you’ve missed it, the CCC Camp was a great opportunity to meet people both working in security and otherwise. I have even met a very kind Taiwanese researcher who worked on SAT and Gröbner basis: in fact, if you haven’t had the chance to read this paper, I highly recommend it. A set of kind Taiwanese researchers recommended this paper to me, and I think it’s the most interesting SAT paper I have read in the past year.

We at SRLabs have made two releases during this camp, one that breaks GPRS encryption, and one that breaks smart card ROM encryption. I was involved with the first release, essentially working on the crypto part. In case you are interested in the videos, the one on GPRS is uploaded here, and the one on smart card ROM encryption is here. This reminds me of something: the videos from the MIT SAT/SMT Summer School are missing :( Well, given my fail there, maybe that’s a good thing :)






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  1. John Berry Avatar
    John Berry

    Mate, I actually enjoyed your talk at MIT so I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. I am currently working with Dr. Ganesh to get the videos posted but we have had some issues with where to place them and due to the terrible way I had the video recorded (without an attached mic) the audio is terrible so I now have to go back and clean it up. Hopefully though I can have at least a few decent videos posted soon.

    — John

    1. Mate Soos Avatar

      Hi John! It’s great news that the videos will be posted! I am very much looking forward to that! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the first day of talks, and there were some very good ones on that day I’ve heard, so it’s great some of them will be online. Keep us posted at the SAT/SMT Summer School mailing list when the videos are available!


    2. Rodrigo Avatar

      Hi John!
      Do you have Mate’s talk videos posted? Please, would you mind to link me those? I would appreciate that..

      P.S.: Mate, I love reading your blog.. Thank you!