My SAT Competition 2014 entry

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In case you want to download my SAT competition 2014 zipfile, you can do it now. You can port the changes that you added to CryptoMiniSatv4 — it should work out of the box. Nothing really important changed except some timeout fixes, bug fixes, threading, and fixing DRAT.

Unfortunately the SAT Competition’14 setup doesn’t have Boost’s program options, so I had to create a main_simple.cpp that compiles without Boost. It only supports options “–drat=1”, “–threads=N”, “–verbosity=N” and reading plain CNF files (not gzipped). This means you will have to edit SolverConf.cpp in case your changeset involves command line options. The command line options and their corresponding class variables are easy to look up in main.cpp, so changing SolverConf.cpp appropriately should not be difficult.

Good luck with the competition!