Tag: Gaussian elimination

  • CryptoMiniSat v2 finally released

    CryptoMiniSat version 2.4.0 is finally here. I decided to use the INRIA Gforge system to coordinate bug-hunting, release management and the forums. However, the source code revision management is coordinated through Gitorious. There, you can find all revisions that have been made to CryptoMiniSat since its original SVN revision control was fixed to use trunk […]

  • Why CryptoMiniSat can’t use MATLAB to do Gaussian elimination

    Some people, who may not have thought through the problem of implementing Gaussian elimination into SAT solvers, seem to think that it’s just a matter of pulling a matlab function into a solver, and the job is done. Let met explain why I think this is not the case. Firstly, we don’t wish to execute […]