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  • Eight Pro Tips on Creating Better Software

    I have been writing software for more than 20 years now. I thought it’s about time to gather my experiences and write some advice on building better software. 1. Solve the right problem It is all too often that one tries solving something  before understanding the problem at hand. We have a certain understanding of what the issue […]

  • Setting up encrypted mail in Chrome and Gmail

    The use of Gmail is now ubiquitous. Unfortunately, it’s easy to read email in transit and some national governments abuse their power to read email in transit. I have always been using PGP to encrypt email, and today I thought I’d put down how to communicate with me, or with your friends, using signed and […]

  • CryptoMiniSat 3.2.0 released

    CyptoMinSat 3.2.0 has been released. This code should be extremely stable and should contain no bugs. In case it does, CryptoMiniSat will fail quite bady at the competition. I have fuzzed the solver for about 2-3000 CPU hours, with some sophisticated fuzzers (all available here — most of them not mine) so all should be […]