Tag: Collaborative effort

  • Presentation at Hackito Ergo Sum

    The HES’11 event was great: I had the pleasure of listening to some awesome presentations, and to meet some great people. The most interesting presentation from a non-technical point of view was the attacks at the automount feature of Linux, which everybody thinks is completely secure, but is in fact very flawed due to some […]

  • CryptoMiniSat in SAT Competition’11

    I have submitted three versions of CryptoMiniSat to the 2011 SAT Competition, all available here. The releases are commonly called “Strange Night”, after the music track of the same name. Inside the archive you will find 5 binaries and a PDF description. The five binaries are made up of two single-threaded, two multi-threaded, and a […]

  • Visiting Linz

    I had the pleasure of visiting Linz, the workplace of Armin Biere, one of the leading SAT experts, and the creator of PrecoSat and lingeling award-winning SAT solvers. In Linz, I had the pleasure to listen to Armin Biere’s exposé on lingeling’s datastructures, and I also gave a small talk on SAT solver architectures.

  • CryptoMiniSat 2.9.0 released

    After a long break, CryptoMiniSat 2.9.0 has finally been released. The Windows executables need this to work, and the Linux binaries need a recent (>=2.6.26) kernel version. The program has evolved substantially since the last release — more than half of its codebase has been changed. It now works in multi-threaded mode, and uses lazy […]

  • Open source software? Free software?

    Today I attended the Open World Forum conference here in Paris. Basically, it’s a business-oriented conference to do networking for folks in the free/open source industry. Some of the panelists were sometimes really boring, such as the “French Secretary of State responsible for the Digital Economy” who seemed to have deeply confused “free as in […]