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  • CCC Camp’11

    In case you’ve missed it, the CCC Camp was a great opportunity to meet people both working in security and otherwise. I have even met a very kind Taiwanese researcher who worked on SAT and Gröbner basis: in fact, if you haven’t had the chance to read this paper, I highly recommend it. A set […]

  • Winning the SAT Race

    The software I developed, CryptoMiniSat 2.5 won the SAT Race of 2010. It is a great honour to win such a difficult race, as there were 19 other solvers submitted from 9 different countries. Thinking back and trying to answer the question why CryptoMiniSat won, I think there are no clear answers. Naturally, I put […]

  • The 2010 SAT Conference

    I am currently at the SAT 2010 conference, in Edinburgh. It is my second SAT conference, but the first one where I finally have a chance to know who is who. I had a chance to talk to some great researchers. For instance, I talked to (in no particular order) Armin Biere (author of PrecoSat […]

  • Tools that I often use

    I used to use Perl a lot in the old days. Martin Albrecht, through the sage mathematics software, showed me Python. I first really hated Python. But then, I realised I can simply type away in it, as in C++, but without all the hassle of C++. I saw a little of AWK once, and […]

  • A great essay on security in the cyberworld

    I just read this paper on cybersecurity by Daniel E. Geer, and I was very impressed. Unfortunately I haven’t heard from the author yet, but I regularly used to read the blog of Bruce Schneier, and this essay basically puts the same ideas into perspective. I have found the essay to be very interesting, and […]