Tag: visualisation

  • Understanding Implication Graphs

    Implication graphs are a core functionality of modern conflict-driven SAT solvers. In this blog post I give some examples of how these graphs look and how they can be used in the 1-UIP conflict generation scheme.

  • Presentation at Hackito Ergo Sum

    The HES’11 event was great: I had the pleasure of listening to some awesome presentations, and to meet some great people. The most interesting presentation from a non-technical point of view was the attacks at the automount feature of Linux, which everybody thinks is completely secure, but is in fact very flawed due to some […]

  • Stats on CryptoMiniSat’s development

    I have just discovered the gitstats tool, and quickly put together a set of statistics on the development of CryptoMiniSat, the SAT solver I have been working on lately. I have been using the GIT repository for most of my work on CryptoMiniSat, doing ~2000 commits since its inception, so it gives a good picture […]

  • Why programs fail

    I just bought the book with the title of the blogpost by Andreas Zeller. Essentially, it’s about debugging, where the author analyses the chain of program defect leading to infected program state, finally leading to program failure. I bought the book because while working with CryptoMiniSat, I have encountered so many bugs that they could […]