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  • Fun facts about SAT solving (part 1)

    Last time I gave a talk, I got some quite deserved fire about the way I approach SAT solving: in a more practical than scientific way. So, to give some food for thought for those who wish to approach SAT from a more scientific viewpoint, and to demonstrate to what lengths I have gone to […]

  • Come to Hackito Ergo Sum’11

    There is going to be a nice hacker conference in Paris real soon now: Hackito Ergo Sum, between the 7th and the 11th of April. There will be plenty of interesting talks, among them, I will also be presenting some fun crypto-breaking :) The schedule is here, I am scheduled for the first day, on […]

  • Stats on CryptoMiniSat’s development

    I have just discovered the gitstats tool, and quickly put together a set of statistics on the development of CryptoMiniSat, the SAT solver I have been working on lately. I have been using the GIT repository for most of my work on CryptoMiniSat, doing ~2000 commits since its inception, so it gives a good picture […]

  • The 2010 SAT Conference

    I am currently at the SAT 2010 conference, in Edinburgh. It is my second SAT conference, but the first one where I finally have a chance to know who is who. I had a chance to talk to some great researchers. For instance, I talked to (in no particular order) Armin Biere (author of PrecoSat […]

  • On research in general

    I am not sure I am qualified to talk about research in general, but I will try to do my best. To me, it seems that the research community of any given topic is pretty small. The reason for this is many-fold. Firstly, I suspect that the number of qualified individuals willing to work for […]